NDR Kultur


The Radio program for classical music, cultural events, and live broadcasts

NDR Kultur is a classical music/cultural events radio program for Northern Germany. Enjoy classical music live! With about 200 broadcasts from Northern Germany’s festivals, as well as concert halls and opera houses of the region and from all over the world, the program offered by NDR Kultur is unmatched in Northern Germany.

NDR KulturThe daily morning and evening reading series ‘Am Morgen vorgelesen’ and ‘Am Abend vorgelesen’ have become a much-loved program staple. Well-known actresses and actors present new books as well as classic world literature. NDR Kultur’s radio broadcasts are a class of their own: Our feature productions and radio plays have received numerous awards.

NDR Kultur’s daily broadcasting starts in the early morning and reliably covers the most important topics, cultural events and politics. We competently review new films, CDs, books, as well as featured exhibitions and premieres for our listeners.


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