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The Competition in the classroom

›The Competition in the Classroom‹ is a program designed to introduce students from elementary school (and upwards) to music. Trainee music teachers and students aspiring to be professional musicians enter selected school classes on pre-planned visits, to give the schoolchildren there the opportunity to meet violinists face-to-face, to come into contact with a violin – maybe for the first time – and to develop an affinity for classical music.

In collaboration with the Lower Saxony Ministry of Culture, the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media, the Universities of Osnabrück, and Hildesheim and the Leuphana University of Lüneburg, the regional associations of music schools and school musicians in Lower Saxony, as well as Musikland Niedersachsen, the Stiftung Niedersachsen again encouraged an extensive co-operation in 2012, in order to offer those institutions supporting music, as well as Lower Saxony‘s up-and-coming musicians, a very close and personal participation in the violin competition – and thus, in the local musical culture.

Students gain an insight into professional teaching practices, schools and schoolchildren are exposed to a stimulating slice of culture and learn about the artistic profession, while news of the violin competition is being spread across Lower Saxony‘s educational establishments, with the prospect of enthusing young listeners to become the concert goers of tomorrow.

Trainee music teachers from the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media, as well as our partner universities in Hildesheim, Osnabrück and Lüneburg, will develop an educational approach for the planned class visits with the help of university professors during seminars in summer 2012. Linking up with schools and their teachers, a visiting day is being planned and prepared, during which trainee music teachers will act as a ›presenters‹, shaping part of the class. They will each be accompanied by another music student, who studies violin, as a prospective ›artist‹. Both students will answer questions with the school class on topics related to the violin as an instrument, to the life of a musician, and on classical music in a whole. In addition, the possibility of live streaming of the ›Joseph Joachim International Violin Competition Hannover‹, and a guide on how to implement this, will be offered.

Schoolchildren will have the opportunity to participate in a violin-making workshop, to experience the preliminary rounds of the competition in the concert hall as ›special guests‹, or to witness the event online via a live internet stream.