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First Prize

50.000 €

Second Prize

30.000 €

Third Prize

20.000 €

Fourth Prize

8.000 €

Fifth Prize

8.000 €

Sixth Prize

8.000 €


The First Prize also includes a CD production with Naxos and debut recitals and concerts with internationally renowned orchestras and ensembles.

The First Prize Winner will also be provided with a Giovanni Battista Guadagnini violin (Parma c.  1765) on loan from the Fritz Behrens Foundation for three years.


Special Price   ›Best Interpretation of the Commisioned Work‹

3.000 €

For the first time this year, a Special Prize ›Best Interpretation of the Commissioned Work‹ waiting for one of them - nominated by the composer David Robert Coleman and well-known experts from the music media business.


Audience Price

5.000 €

During the 9th Joseph Joachim International Violin Competition Hannover 2015, the audience will have two opportunities of awarding a prize. The traditional ›Audience Prize‹ valued at €5,000 will be awarded to the audiences’ favorite after the final concerts. Concert goers will vote with special voting slips, which will be passed out before the first final concert on October 8 and can be turned in the following day.


JJV Community Award

2.000 €

The ›JJV Community Award‹, valued at €2,000, is an exciting new addition to the prize structure of the competition. This special award targets the ever-growing livestream and social media audience, getting listeners all over the world actively involved in the competition. The final-round violinist who receives the highest number of votes from all participating internet users will be awarded the prize. In order to ensure a fair voting process, one vote may be cast per email address starting on October 7.



1.000 €

They are the ›best of best‹, the competitors who reached the semifinal round. With success they showed their capabilities playing Bach, Ysaye, Beethoven, Mozart, Joachim, and the contemporary work composed by David Robert Coleman – five competition rounds are behind them. The ›Joseph Joachim Violin Competition‹ honors that in a special way: The day after the announcement, they are giving a duo-recital in one of six lower-saxonian cities as part of our concert series ›The Competition Across the State‹. Furthermore they gain a 1,000 EURO Scholarship.