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Preselection Jury

When the first competitor walks onto the stage, it will mark the beginning of two exciting weeks at the focus of public attention for the young musicians. But these two weeks also represent the conclusion of a long process of preparation.

The first hurdle that applicants have to clear before they can participate in the ›Joseph Joachim International Violin Competition Hannover‹ is preselection by an Preselection Jury composed of four eminent violinists. Candidates have to present letters of recommendation from internationally recognized artists and pedagogues, as well as summaries of their careers and of the concert performances they have given so far, and details of their repertoires. But the most important item is the recordings on DVD with which the candidates have to win over the Preselection Jury.

At the last edition, out of 178 Applicants 39 candidates had been chosen, which received the eagerly awaited invitation to come to Hannover. From that time on, the competitors are guests of the Competition. All of those who clear the preselection hurdle can already regard themselves as winners: because they will at the very least have the opportunity – and this is what is unique about the ›Joseph Joachim International Violin Competition Hannover‹ and a measure of its very high standard of fairness – to present themselves to the International Jury and to the public in both of the two preliminary rounds.


Preselection Jury 2015



Preselection Jury 2012



Preselection Jury 2009

    • Boris Kuschnir (Graz, Vienna)
    • Gyorgy Pauk (London)
    • Ulf Schneider (Hannover)
    • Krzysztof Wegrzyn (Hannover)



Preselection Jury 2006

    • Konstanty Andrzej Kulka (Warschau)
    • Itzhak Rashkovsky (London)
    • Takashi Shimizu (Tokyo)
    • Krzysztof Wegrzyn (Hannover)



Preselection Jury 2003

    • Silvia Marcovici (Graz)
    • Tomotada Soh (London, Tokyo, Osaka)
    • Pavel Vernikov (Fiesole)
    • Krzysztof Wegrzyn (Hannover)



Preselection Jury 2000

    • Erich Gruenberg (London)
    • Tuomas Haapanen (Helsinki)
    • Eszter Perényi (Budapest)
    • Krzysztof Wegrzyn (Hannover)



Preselection Jury 1997

    • Christian Altenburger (Hannover)
    • Robert Masters (London)
    • Kurt Sassmannshaus (Cincinnati)
    • Krzysztof Wegrzyn (Hannover)



Preselection Jury 1994

    • Herman Krebbers (Düsseldorf, Amsterdam)
    • Wolfgang Marschier (Freiburg)
    • Robert Masters (London)
    • Krzysztof Wegrzyn (Hannover)



Preselection Jury 1991

    • Wanda Wilkomirska (Heidelberg-Mannheim)
    • Jens Ellermann (Hannover)
    • Krzysztof Wegrzyn (Hannover)



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