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September 30 to Oktober 2, 2015
Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media



  Every participant plays one of the following sonatas:
    Ludwig van Beethoven Sonata for violin and piano

D major, op. 12 Nr. 1
A major, op. 12 Nr. 2
E flat major, op. 12 Nr. 3
A minor, op. 23
F major, op. 24
A major, op. 30 Nr. 1
C minor, op. 30 Nr. 2
G major, op. 30 Nr. 3
G major, op. 96

    and a virtuoso work of own choice.
  Piano accompaniment: Melanie M.Y. Chae
      Rohan De Silva
      Thomas Hoppe
      Natsumi Ohno