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Vladimir Martynow

Vladimir Martynow was born in 1946 in Moscow, where he studied composition and piano at the Conservatory. Following his studies, he concentrated on minimalist composition, taking part in avant-garde festivals and working at the Skriabin Museum’s electronic studio. In the mid-1970’s, Martynow made a radical break with the structural nature of serial technique to pursue a ›New Simplicity‹. »Pärt, Sylvestrov and I discovered the key at the same time, completely independent from one another«, says Martynow. In search  of the ›music of the people‹ he travelled through northern and central Russia, the northern Caucasus, Pamir and Tadzhikistan. His discoveries changed his life. During this period, he began to search libraries for manuscripts that could enable him to reconstruct the tradtion of ancient Russian choral music. He has published several books on this subject and taught at the Holy Trinity Monastery in Sergiev Possad (Zagorsk).

Martyonw is considered one of the leading composers of the new Russian avant-garde. His works represent a blend oft he traditions of the East and the West, of the spiritual and of the profane, of folk music and the avant-garde. (Status 2000, Source: Vladimir Martynow)

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