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Since 1986, Stiftung Niedersachsen has been involved in art, culture, science and education. As the arts foundation of Lower Saxony, it strengthens the culture diversity of the region by promoting, advising and supporting non-profit projects. The foundation makes a strong cultural impression through its own programs such as the ›Joseph Joachim International Violin Competition Hannover‹ or the ›Spectrum – Internationaler Preis für Fotografie‹. By overseeing the work of other smaller foundations, Stiftung Niedersachsen has proven a reliable partner in cultural concerns, promoting private commitment to public welfare. The foundation is based at the Künstlerhaus Hannover, neighboring various cultural centers in the heart of the city.

Every three years, Stiftung Niedersachsen invites young violinists from around the world to the ›Joseph Joachim International Violin Competition, Hannover‹. The internationally established competition, which began in 1991, is the foundation’s largest program.